CSI provides a logistical and transportation support for all areas in Iraq including High end Security teams to local driver and vehicle support. We have the resources and manpower to support your staff for long term requirements or one off services in the following areas at a lower than security company costs

  • Green Zone access
    • Main guests for clients
    • Deliveries gate for logistics
  • Baghdad International Airport access
    • Meet and great at visa control for entry support and exit clearance
    • Customs assistance and support for importation of goods
    • Pick up and drop off either VIP or main terminal
  • BDSC Military terminal entry and facilitation
    • Movement into BDSC as long as you have a valid request and POC on BDSC
  • Full local movement through own car drivers armoured or soft skin single moves
  • Out of area moves with car driver dependent on your risk acceptance
  • Support through JV to provide full security team movement local or out of area